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Diaper Cakes

A Memorable Baby Shower Using Diaper Cakes

Have you ever gone to a dull and boring baby shower?  Every time you go they play the same old games and then everyone goes home at the end.   Well, you can change all of that!  A baby shower is a celebration of life and it should be memorable not just for the new mom-to-be but for all the guests attending.

So, why not make the baby shower one that no one will ever forget by bringing as a gift or setting up as a centerpiece a beautiful diaper cake.  All diaper cakes comes in different sizes and they usually can be themed oriented.  The best thing about a diaper cakes it that there aren’t just diapers in there.  It can have all kinds of things hidden inside such as little washcloths, baby bib, baby comb and brush, baby pins and many more thing the new mom will need once the baby arrives.

You can choose different diaper sizes to make the cake.  You can choose size one diapers that is usually for a baby that weighs 10-14 lbs or size two diapers or even size three if you wish the baby to grow into them.   Some diapers already have a theme to them like Little Elmo.  This can be helpful if that is the theme of the shower.

Also, be sure to include what you think the parents would like in the diaper cake.   This is just another way to make sure that the event is a memorable one for everybody and it will be fun too!  Diaper cakes are affordable and practical all at the same time.  When you bring a diaper cake to the party as a gift or as a centerpiece everyone will simply love the idea and it will be a gift the parent s will cherish forever.

Originally posted 2011-02-22 13:13:40.

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