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Platinum Baby Shower Diaper Cakes, a baby shower gift company, specializes in diaper cakes for expectant moms that resemble wedding cakes.  The company has created a niche with over 10  innovative designs that are unlike any other diaper cakes on the market today.  Just like a real wedding cake, their diaper cakes designs feature original baby cakes toppers.  Customers even have the option of customizing their diaper cakes according to their own preference.

Selena Presley, owner and designer, came up with the inspiration for her diaper cakes after her mother requested assistance on a baby shower centerpiece.  Selena commented on her discovery, “I searched the internet and came across a site that featured baby shower gifts.  To my dismay, what I saw looked like hatboxes stacked on top of each other stuffed with baby items and you couldn’t see the diapers.  I thought it was more practical to roll the diapers so they could be more visible and after decorating it with lace, baby items, pearl beads and flowers – it looked like an actual cake.” Her mother used her technique for the baby shower and the first Platinum Baby Shower Diaper Cake was born.

Crediting Platinum Baby Shower Diaper Cakes success to the uniqueness of her designs, she says, “We created a niche in the baby shower gift market by being the first company to design diaper cakes to look like “real” wedding cakes.  We really want the emphasis on baby showers to be comparable to weddings.  The true reality is a miracle of bringing a new life into the world is so worth celebrating.  That is why we work so hard to make our designs look like wedding cakes.”

Appreciation for Platinum Baby Shower Diaper Cakes is shown by praise from customers who had a baby shower hit – thanks to the diaper cakes.  G. Jackson, a satisfied customer from Brooklyn, New York had this to say about her purchase, “The Platinum Baby Shower Diaper Cakes were a huge hit.  People really thought it was a “real” cake, including my own mother, who had to touch it, to make sure.”  Others have praised the fast service and professionalism of the staff which is shown by the countless testimonials on the website.






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