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Diaper Cakes

Animal Style Diaper Cakes

I learned things slowly because I never saw dog on roads and many animals like these, but have you imagined that your child will be a fast learner just because by birth only he/she can see them by the help of Diaper cakes. So here are few of them:

Dog Diaper Baby Shower Cakes– These Diaper Cakes can be given the structure of Dog wherein you can make the face, body, pony, 2ears and 1nose. Interesting, I know you are going to try one, or if you find it difficult you can make diaper cakes and put a dog soft toy, but do let me know which one you were able to do.

Elephant Diaper Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables – Elephant on the Diaper Cakes itself sound fun. You can make Diaper Cakes and Place an Elephant soft toy on the top, Try making big teeth as Its Teeth are big.

Frog Diaper Cakes– You can give the shape of Frog Diaper Cakes. You will find it interesting to see that Frog Diaper Cakes looks actually interesting.

Monkey Diaper Cakes– When I was small I like giving bananas to monkey. Why don’t you try making Monkey Diaper Cakes and do put one banana along, it could be yellow socks. I hope you like the idea.

Try more out there and do let me know. It’s really fun to try them out or you can make Diaper Cakes of which ever animals you like the most. I like Dog, Elephant, Frog, and Monkey. I will like if you also mention some of them so that I can also try. These are real life experience and this is the best time when you are expecting or you want to gift someone as you won’t get chances again and again. So try them out and explore the varieties.

Originally posted 2011-03-04 02:13:40.

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