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Diaper Cakes

Baby Diaper Cakes Make Perfect Shower Gifts

If you are invited to a baby shower, consider baby diaper cakes. Each one gives new parents a starting supply of diapers and has a colorful appearance. Over the years these diaper centerpieces have become very popular at baby shower events.  It has even been weird to attend a baby shower without seeing at least one person bringing a diaper cake.  Most people bring them as baby shower gifts but where you can really “WOW” everyone would be to have one set as the centerpiece of your baby shower.  So since everyone thinks of baby shower cakes as the centerpiece of a baby shower, you can surprise everyone by making a diaper cake as the gift and centerpiece.

Other popular gifts are as follows:

Diaper Bags



Baby Blankets

Baby Monitors

Baby Clothes

If you search around long enough you will find a lot of different items that can be brought to a baby shower event.  Just keep looking and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift to give to the new and expecting mother.

Originally posted 2011-02-17 09:25:45.

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