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Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes and its Two Faces

A momentous occasion such as baby showers deserves a cake that is not only superb in taste but also one that has an overall appeal. Baby shower cakes are considered as a showpiece for an occasion. Although it is not necessarily present, it is frequently anticipated in events such as baby showers. It may take various forms and structures depending on the desired preference.

Baby shower cakes come in two types, the Diaper cakes and the edible baby shower cakes.  The first type, the diaper cakes, is inedible and compost mostly of diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers and other supplies for babies. Compared to the other type of cake, this is not necessarily present in an occasion. This can be made from diaper cloth or a real cake adorned with an assortment of baby items. Usually diaper cakes are enveloped with cellophane or plastic and added with lovely ribbons to a have an attractive finish look.

Diaper cakes can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece and at the same time makes a practical present for the baby. This type of cake can be homemade or purchased from stores. The next type is the more common type which is the edible cake. Edible baby shower cakes, appears most commonly in parties. Baby shower cakes can be decorated with few words of congratulations or adorned with some other edible or inedible accessories than can make the cake look even more appealing and attractive. For instance, the cake can be embellished with baby toys and garments such as rubber ducks, baby bottles, baby elephants, puzzles, cubes, diapers, pacifiers, blocks or even a baby figurine. These cakes can take shape in a variety of forms depending on the party theme being implemented.

Baby shower cakes indeed provide a pleasant twist in baby shower parties. Some can be purchased on stores and some can be made at home. For those who are gifted in baking skills and are adept in cake decorating can make their own scrumptious cake. Ingredients and special pans are available and can be purchased on a variety of stores.

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