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Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes for the Baby Boy

Thinking of perfect baby shower cakes for your baby boy? No problem at all. Choosing the right cakes for baby showers can be very hassle-free. You can even choose to buy diaper cakes for the baby shower event as well.

One of the simplest yet delightful baby shower cakes is the square or rectangular shaped cake. Every portion of the cake may be decorated with different designs such as the alphabet on one of the sides and the basic numbers on the other side. The edges of baby shower cakes may be decorated with icing. Colors of the icing to be decorated may vary from different shades of green, blue, brown, and white.

Safari – inspired baby shower cakes are one of the known options if you wanted your baby boy to be outgoing, fun- loving and adventurous as well. The simplest safari baby shower cakes may be composed of a larger circular shaped cake and another smaller one as the top layer. To add more fun to the cake, creating the cakes in different flavors is a suggestion. The cake may be decorated with long, thin triangles enough to resemble the safari land. The top layer may be in a shade of green, which pertains to the grassland, and the side portion may be decorated with chocolate bars. Looks yummy, right? To add some finishing touch to the safari- inspired cake, top it with jungle animals such as bears, lions, tigers, monkeys and elephants.

Another unique cake for the baby boy is the one which looks like a gift box. This may be done in variations of blue shades. The base may be circular in shape, and it may be decorated any way you like, as long as it looks like a gift box. A baby boy on top of it can be the decoration, topped as well with the gift box cover. This is a perfect cake for baby showers, for every baby is a gift from above.

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