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Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes for the Baby Girl

Selecting the perfect diaper cakes or baby shower cakes for the baby girl is also easy and hassle- free just like selecting cakes for the baby boy.  One of the coolest baby shower cakes may be dress inspired, for as we all know, it is very easy to dress a baby girl with varying styles and designs to choose from. Baby Shower Cakes may be in the form of a dress for baby, and the decorating comes next. Colors may vary from different shades of purple, pink, red, white, yellow and many others. Top designs for these types of baby shower cakes may include flowers, flower petals and butterflies.

Other types of girly Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables include Barbie doll inspired cakes. Top colors for these cakes may include blue, and shades of pink as the main colors. The cake may take form in the shape of the doll’s balloon skirt of her evening gown.  This creates a great portion to decorate anything. Top decorations include those that look like laces, beads, flower petals, for as long as it is girly, then it will surely be a hit. The top portion or the so called accents of these baby shower cakes may now take the form of the doll’s body.

Every princess lives in a castle. Castle cakes also make the perfect cakes which makes the baby girl so special. A very head turner suggestion for this would be the idea of combining the castle cake with little dolls which look like princesses. The cake is composed of cylindrical shapes, or just ordinary circular shapes, and triangles as well. Just add a little creativity in the design, and there it goes — the perfect castle cake. To add more fun to the cake, the shapes which make up the castle may be in varying flavors.

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