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Baby Shower

Baby Shower Themes Fit For A Star

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful blessing for the family especially the proud parents-to-be, and it is just fitting for the celebration to have a star-inspired theme. This is because the baby can be synonymous to a star since he is a granted wish or simply because he will make the family shine brighter with happiness.
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When it comes time to buy a baby shower gift, you can really get confused. By using the expectant mother’s registry list, you can normally find a pretty easy way to get a gift. Getting something other than what is on the registry list can be a fun and creative way to do something inspiring. Sometimes you want to do something creative and meaningful for a group of your friends that are just having children.
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There are so many ways that will make a baby shower a memorable event for a new mom-to-be. One of them is to plan and prepare for cute and exciting baby shower games within the party period. It is a small portion of the whole event but it holds a key to spice up the mood of people in the party.
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Another sweet shoppe style baby shower idea here: See another new updated video: In this step by step tutorial you learn how to make a diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower. (I hope to make another in the next few weeks) The general concensus, with over 400000 views prior to this, is that this is the easiest, most complete video tutorial to follow. I’m glad you think so. I tried hard to make it as brief as possible. Items you will need: 60 diapers (get size 1, not newborn–or you will need a lot more diapers than this), lots of rubberbands, ribbon, embellishments, cake stand, one 8-oz. bottle, one 4-oz bottle. Please note, the diapers are not adhesed (stuck) to the base. You just need to slide it to the end of the table and told one of the tiers to the base in order to move it. It shouldn’t fall apart because the two bottles will hold the layers into place. Do not use adhesive of any type or the diapers cannot be used on the baby. Please ensure that you have clean hands and a clean surface when rolling the diapers. Instructions on how to make a three-tiered cake made entirely of baby diapers (Pampers, “nappies”). Mothers to be love them. They make a fantastic centerpiece for the gift or sign in table at any baby shower. If you enjoyed the video, leave me a message. Thanks!

Having a baby? Check out advice from registry professionals on starting your baby shower registry!
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