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Diaper Cakes

Be Creative with Diaper Cakes

Now if you are attending a baby shower soon, you need to start picking out the perfect gift for that mother-to-be. If you are new to baby showers and gifts, you only need to remember two things when getting a gift. First, a gift should be practical. Second, the mother must be able to use your gift. The more obvious choices would include baby clothes, supplies and toys. If you want a special and unique gift, you should consider getting her diaper cakes. One cake can have all of obvious choices.

If you have never heard of diaper cakes before, they are not the same with those edible ones you usually see in bakeries. Instead of the edible stuff, this cake has diapers rolled and assembled in such a way that it resembles the look of a cake. They are formed into layers like normal cakes. You can have 2 layers or even 5. This depends on your budget and taste. Now instead of icing, you will find baby supplies, toys and clothes decorating the cake. Bibs, rattles and bottles are usually used to adorn the stack of diapers. These are placed on the cake in a creative and aesthetic way.

Diaper cakes do not come only in the color white. There are various themes you can choose from when it comes to this cake. People usually choose their themes based on the sex of the baby. You can go for the color blue if the baby is a boy. Pink does well for baby girls. If you do not want the generic looking cake, you can always go for the more elaborate themes. Fairy tale themes are popular for baby girls, while sports themes do well for baby boys. A jungle theme is also a good choice if you do not know the sex of the baby.

You do not have to worry about the cost, since there are cheap alternatives on the market. However, for cakes with elaborate decorations, expect to spend a bit more.

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