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Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cake Designs to Celebrate Newborn Baby Girls

The first color that comes to mind when a new mom-to-be finds out she is having a little baby girl is the color pink.  A great way to add this color in with the baby shower or nursery is by having a beautiful pretty pink diaper cake made to honor the special occasion. 

Baby girls are made with sugar and spice and everything nice and your diaper cake can be made with all the same ingredients.  It is easy to turn simple items into breathtaking masterpieces using a few diapers along with some lace and ribbons to make an extraordinary diaper cake.  There are only a very few diaper cake designers on the internet that can do this on a platinum style  level. 

All diaper cakes can be designed differently from a one tier cake design all the way to a diaper cake that looks just like a wedding cake with pillars and stairs.  These types of diaper cakes may cost a little more for the creativity than the typical ones you see every day on the internet but they are definitely worth every penny.   On the diaper cake you can have attached little pink ribbons, with pink outfits a good example of this is a platinum designed princess diaper cake with silver tone ribbons.

The color pink is just perfect for a little girl. You can always add little pink bottles of lotion, pink toy blocks, pink bottled baby shampoo and more.  You can also add a cute sock flower decoration, a princess crown.  These are simple ideas anyone can incorporate whether you have the diaper cake designed or if you decide to make one yourself.  Simply put it is the perfect baby shower gift for a sweet adorable little girl.

Originally posted 2011-02-22 13:12:25.

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