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Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes Are More Bang for Your Buck

You have just been invited to a baby shower and she is one of your closest and dearest friends.   You want to give her something that looks impressive but it won’t hurt the pocket book.  You have these ideas running through your mind…you want it to be adorable, practical, remembered and most importantly affordable.  So what will you bring for the new mom to be that will be more bang for your buck? How about Baby Shower Centerpieces?

You begin to search the internet searching for ideas going through hundreds of pages just looking for that something that catches your attention.  You are looking for that something special that stands out and you come across something that looks like a cake but it’s not.  What is it?  To your surprise and amazement it’s a diaper cake.

Knowing that your friend will need tons of diapers once that new baby comes into the world you say to yourself that this is it!  You have found what you have been searching for and the reason you are so excited is because the diaper cake has everything a new mom need to get started like diapers, baby clothes, diaper pins, q-tips, baby brush and comb set, baby fork and spoon and the list can go on and on.

Now that you have the concept of what you want to bring now with your friend in mind all you have to do is think about the theme of the shower.  Will you be using the Baby Shower Cakes diaper cake as a gift or will it sit on the table for all the guests to see when they arrive?  Either way your friend will be the happiest she has ever been for having such a thoughtful friend to bring such a creative gift.  The diaper cake will be the hit of the party!


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Originally posted 2011-02-22 13:07:34.

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