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Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes For Boys and Girls

Are you expecting a boy or a girl? Blue for Boy and Pink for Girl, but I know you are still not sure then why don’t you try both or even you can try for twin. This is also possible. Isn’t it interesting ….Are you planning to make one…Try making it, you can enhance your quality and you will even find it interesting.

Angel Diaper Cakes– For your little Angel you can make Diaper Cakes. If the baby is going to be a sweet girl then this one is for you or you have to gift to a mother expecting a baby girl.

Baby Diaper Cakes– Confused Boy/Girl. Don’t worry this one is for you. This is both of them where you will require the towels, bottle, cushion, and many which you could think off.

Doll Diaper Cakes– I am thinking of a little doll in my life or my friend is going to have a doll. Why don’t I try making one for her? It is easy. Try this one out

Princess Diaper Cakes– Make the Diaper Cakes in the form of Princess. Big Shiny Hair, beautiful Pink Dress, Pink Socks, Different varieties of tic-tacks, don’t put pin as it might create a little problem. Try rolling all with a rubber band.

Twin Diaper Cakes– I will have a girl, no I will have a boy. I am actually confused. Don’t be confused. I am here for you. Make twin Diaper Cakes. If it’s a boy you have it and if it’s a girl then also I have it or if its twin then it’s the best. You can make twin Diaper Cakes in which one will be blue in color and other one will be pink in color.

I am a happy mother or my friend will be a happy mother. This feeling you will have once you make any of them.

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