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Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes Versus Cloth Napkins

It is seen that earlier in life there was a custom or say tradition of using cloth nappies for newly born babies. They were usually triangular in shape and were tied in a much different manner on the baby’s body so that it is completely covering baby’s abdominal region above thighs. But it has its own disadvantage also. The major drawbacks of Baby Shower Centerpieces cloth napkins was that it has no absorption property due to which the urine that was passed out by the baby kept its body wet most of the time and so there were rashes found on baby’s hips, reddening of skin appeared, etc. And also it was very difficult for the mother to change the nappy again and Baby Shower Cakes.

So to overcome this problem diapers were introduced. The diapers are made of such a material that they can absorb large quantities of liquid for sufficiently a longer time. This relieved not only various mothers but also their babies. Also it became profitable for the diaper producing companies as their sales went on increasing due to a large demand of baby diapers.

So this enabled the diaper companies to come up with new ideas and one of their ideas talked about diaper cakes. They sold their products saying that their diapers can be bought by people to gift to the new mothers and the new born babies in the form of diaper cakes. This concept was liked by masses and was implemented within no time.

It has hence now become the most liked and favourable gifts for the baby showers along with baby shower cakes. People work themselves on the diaper cakes and decorate them on their own. The cloth napkin cake is never even thought of gifting to someone because it maintains no quality standards. Whereas diaper cakes on the other hand greet with warmth the new parents and create a long lasting effect on their hearts.

Originally posted 2011-02-27 19:03:06.

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