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Diaper Cakes

Easy Diaper Cake Directions

Have you ever wondered how to make Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables?  Maybe you think that if you try tackling this type a gift that if would be really difficult.  Well, the truth of the matter is there are a few diaper cakes are the market  that take a lot of skill and a high level of crafting ability to create .

However  there are those on the market that are really easy to duplicate and it makes it possible for anyone to create even the craft challenged ones can do it.

There are many reasons that Baby Shower Cakes make a great gift. First, they are a lot of fun to look at! They actually add to the décor of the shower. Also, the expectant mother will know that you took the time to create a gift with your own hands. A homemade gift shows that you took time with the gift rather than rushing to a store at the last minute. Finally, it is made of diapers, and anyone who has ever had children knows that you can never have enough of those.

You only need a few items to get started. The first is the diapers. Some do not realize that you can use any size diapers to create the cake. The size that you choose will depend on the size of each layer of your diaper cake. You can also choose to use more than one size of diapers. Don’t worry…the new mom will use them all eventually.

You will also need a base board on which to build the cake, some rubber bands to hold the cake together and, finally, decorations. The decorations for your cake are where you can get creative. Pink and blue are the most obvious color choices. If the expectant mother is not yet sure of the sex of the baby you could choose a more neutral color, such as yellow.

The last step is to adorn the cake with decorations. Visit a local cake supply store and use items that bakers use when creating baby shower cakes. You can also opt for useful items such as rattles or pacifiers.

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