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Baby Shower

Evie & Ish Baby Shower.

Evie & Ish Baby Shower.

Little later but here u go.
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Salone baby shower

Baby shower

I continued coughing, feeling my lungs filling with the poisonous smoke. I felt like I would faint. And I was just about to when I felt strong arms wrap around my waist tightly “Sel” it was Nick’s voice. He lifted me up and set me in his car “Are you okay?” he asked me, looking concerned. I forced myself to nod as I struggled to breathe “You sure?” he asked. I nodded again “I’ll be okay” I told him “Okayy …” he said, looking unsure. “Let’s just go” I muttered and he nodded “Okay …” he kissed my forehead and went around the of the car, getting in — “Feeling better?” Nick asked me as I walked out of the guest room in one of his t-shirts with jeans and my hair still damp from my shower “Yes, I’m feeling better” I said. He couldn’t see me yet. He had known I had walked in from the sounds of my footfalls because if he had known from seeing me, he wouldn’t be this calm. I swallowed and stepped to where he could see me. I was standing, holding my bags, packed. He immediately frowned “Selena …what–” I cut him off “I’m done with all this stuff. I just … I want to be normal” I told him “So … you’re leaving?” “Well, yes! What else am I supposed to do? Sticking around here won’t make me any more normal” “You’ll still have that baby” he pointed out “But I wont’ be in the same old damn place! I’m done with all of this, okay?” He stood up and walked to me “Selena … you can’t just leave …” “Yes I can! And what does it even matter anyway? No one cares about me …” “I care

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Hoy Domingo 23 de octubre
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My Princess baby shower .

Friends and Family reunion.
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Question by Jolene R: What are some good activities to do during a baby shower?
I am having my baby shower in a few weeks and I was wondering what are some fun things to do during the shower. Also what are some good favors and prizes to give away? Any special food we should have. Any advice would be sooooo helpful. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Klaus Barbie
Play strip trivial pursuit

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Question by travel_gal: What kinds of games/activities are recommended for a baby shower with deaf guests?
My cousin is having her first baby and the baby shower is next month. My cousin is completely deaf and many of her friends are also deaf. The baby shower will be a mix of deaf and hearing individuals. What kinds of games/activities would bring the two groups together? I just don’t want the entire baby shower to be segregated between the hearing and those who can’t hear.
It seems like it may be difficult to put together because some of the hearing individuals (me included) don’t use sign language.

Any ideas for a successfull baby shower??

Best answer:

Answer by 2kanman
chalk-boards are #1 then it would be cheraids with chalk-boards!
and also there is yell at each other with megaphones!

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