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Diaper Cakes

History Of Diaper Cakes

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Years ago when there were no diapers invented then the Native Americans used grass to use as a diaper for their baby packed in rabbit skin. There were Inuit who used seal skin with moss in it. Japanese farmers used ejiko to keep their baby dry and safe from rashes and like this there was everyone who used such sort of measures to keep their baby free from the wetness of its urine. These things served great but still there were many drawbacks of these things as most of them were porous and could not completely stop the urine from reaching the baby’s body. They also were very rough for the baby’s body that lead to rashes most of the time.  These nappies also started stinking soon after they were used and this created problems for both baby as well as the parents. So it was high time when people took successful efforts to reduce these problems and introduce a new form of diapers.

This lead to a revolution and diapers came into existence. Diapers are non porous and can take in large quantities of fluid with no leakage in it and the problem of smells was also resolved in it. the use and throw technology introduced in them made many parents happy and relaxed reducing much of their efforts of making nappies for their babies.

This is the reason why people now gift their relatives and their friends diaper cakes rather than cloth nappies as was prevalent before. Diaper cakes use a very unique idea of using diapers along with lots of baby items required immediately after the baby’s birth. A diaper cake is a complete gift on a baby shower and need no other add-ons with it. It meets all the necessary requirements of a baby and is really a special and unique gift to present to someone.

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