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Motorcycle Diaper Cakes






Motor Cycle Diaper Cakes

Are you wondering what I am talking about?

You will be overjoyed by reading this one

Things required:

All you need is Diapers in good Quantity, Blankets, socks, Ribbon, Paper, Tape, Bibs, Linking rings, Bottle, Face Cloth, Teddy Bear, and Pair of It depends on you how big Motor Cycle you want to have.


Roll the Diapers as many as you can say 30-40 if you want to make small Motor Cycle and if you want to make big then 70-80 Diapers. Roll all. Thinking you are interested in making Small Motor Cycle then Roll 30-40, keep 15 one side and other 15the other side on a flat surface. Put Proper Ribbon and Tape such that the 15 Diapers can stay and not get loose and come out. Use the Linking Rings to tie 15 and other 15 also, in between you need to put blanket such that the rider can sit on it. Here our Rider will be the little Teddy Bear.

I just told you the simplest step by which you can get an idea and you can think of making one. I know it sounds difficult but giving you an idea because I want you to start with a mind frame that it’s easy. Any ways nothing is easy or tough it’s all in the state of mind that we judge them. This is interesting and you will see that the motor cycle looks so nice. Tie the Blanket in between tightly and keep a base so that your child when starts understanding gets to know that when he/she grow up instead of Teddy Bear he/she has to take that place in the original motor cycle.

Your Child is Different and I know you can work hard for your child so why not try this Motor Cycle Diaper Cakes

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