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Baby Shower

Q&A: How long before a baby shower should I send out the invitations?

Question by Calbear234: How long before a baby shower should I send out the invitations?
If I am having a baby shower on the 16th of October, when should I send out the invitations? I don’t want to send them out too late or too early! Thanks a head of time ;)

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Answer by Invisible Pink ~ RN
6 weeks is good

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A glee story Se.2 Ep. 43

Just to let you know, I have had to skip a few weeks of Rachel’s pregnancy to fit it into the right time, so she is now 30 weeks :) Blaine’s POV: I wake to the darkness around me, we actually remembered to close the curtains last night, I stretch, yawning, I turn over, looking at Kurt, he’s lying on his side so I can’t tell if he’s asleep or not, I whisper to him through the darkness Blaine: Kurt… hey Kurt? Are you awake? There’s no reply so I guess he’s still asleep, I press my hand to my forehead, trying to remember last night, we didn’t get drunk… nothing like that… but it all just went so fast… I roll my eyes, and I’m about to clamber out of bed. But something doesn’t feel right. Something feels wrong… I take a deep breath and quickly glance under the sheets Oh my god… I run my fingers through my hair, turning to look at Kurt, he’s sleeping so soundly. My fingers stretch out into the air, but I resist the urge to pull back the blanket and check on Kurt too. Thoughts are running through my head, memories, wow… He stirs in his sleep, his eyes flickering open Blaine: Kurt… wh… what happened last night? *Back in Ohio* Quinn’s POV: Quinn: Artie! Artie! He turns around in his chair, smiling at me, he wheels over and I grin Quinn: So… I’ve been thinking, Rachel has finally reached her third trimester, and I was wondering… would you help me throw a baby shower? Artie: A baby shower? Quinn: Yeah, it’s where all the friends of the mother and the father get
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These are two pin on party favors from my grandsons baby shower, in spanish they are called Capias. Capias are pinned on the guests upon their arrival to the party, usually capias are decorated in colors to match the party decor, if the baby shower is for a baby girl many times the capias will be pink, if the sex of the baby is not known the capias will be in soft baby colors. When the partys over the guests have this lovely keep sake memory of the party they attended : )

Baby Shower

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Question by DogLover: What is a good baby shower site to visit?
I have seen so many good baby shower ideas and now that I need them I can’t find them! Where can I find good ideas, party favors, decorations, food ideas, and the such?

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Answer by girlzmommy

i haven’t checked any of them out really but thought you might find some good ideas! Good luck!

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