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Diaper Cakes

The Evolution Of Diaper Cakes

Earlier in life when little babies were born, there were no provision of using diapers, cloths were used for the babies or the cotton balls so as to keep the baby dry and be prevented from all sorts of infections and dangers. But this was not possible due to the fact that cloth pieces and cotton balls, both are porous in nature and so they created so many problems for the mother and the little baby. The cloth napkins were not good as they easily managed to carry so many germs in them and also the smell that came out of it was not at all acceptable. Also the wet cloth was responsible for many rashes on baby’s hips and also a baby would catch cold most of the time due to the cloth’s wetness.

To resolve this problem diapers were introduced that meet all the sanitary requirements for a baby’s napkin. Diapers had the capacity to soak larger quantities of fluid than the cloth napkin and they were cleaner and easier to use with little production of germs which was very high in case of the cloth napkin. Also it prevented rashes in most cases which the cloth napkin was not able to. Hence the evolution of diapers from cloth napkins and cotton balls proved to be a great success and are today the basic necessity of all the new parents without which nothing would be possible.

And so people gift diapers to their friends or relatives on the occasions of baby shower or child birth in the form of a diaper cake. Diaper cakes are made up of hundreds of diapers and are combined with various other baby products like baby oil, baby toys, baby soaps, candies for the baby, etc. The diaper cakes in any ways are better than any other gift that can be gifted to a new mother because it fulfils all the basic requirements of a new mom for her baby and she feels touched on receiving this gift.

Originally posted 2011-02-25 17:30:42.

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