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Diaper Cakes

The First Time I Heard Of A Diaper Cake

o the first thing I did on reaching home was to Google about diaper cakes. There I was, so happy to see all the images of beautifully decorated Baby Shower Cakes. It was amazing to know what a thoughtful gift it was and especially when it was to be given in a charity. I was highly motivated and decided to make a big and neat diaper cakes. That day itself, I brought all the necessary things and started my project. To my utter surprise, I finished making it in just 2 days! Still I kept it till the last day of submission of the charity giveaways. I wanted to make a big impression of it. The day I carried it to the school, everyone was gaping on the way. I received so many compliments on how neat it was. Many told me the cute Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables were adding to its beauty. Finally I submitted the diaper cakes. Although I felt a little bad to part with my creation but I was proud to make someone’s motherhood special, with the diaper cake I made.

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