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Baby Shower

The Fun and Exciting Activities of Giving Baby Gifts

Giving baby shower gifts has become an important part of a mother’s pending childbirth. In the past women were the only ones who were invited to a baby shower of a couple’s firstborn. But today, many of these rules are not applicable anymore. Read on to discover the fun and excitement of this momentous event as well as tips in choosing baby gifts…
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If you are close to an expectant mother, you can tactfully find out what her list of baby items are. You might discover that there is no trace of uniqueness in her baby gift idea registry. Read on to discover some exceptional baby gift ideas…
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Perhaps you know someone who is expecting a baby but you lack ideas for a new baby gift to welcome the newborn and to congratulate the parents. Read on and discover how you can come up with a baby gift idea…
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A demonstration from start to finish of how to make a baby cake / nappy cake. Includes instruction on how to make sock roses and wash cloth candles. Ingredients: 48 Nappies 1 Baby blanket 1 Baby shawl 1 Bib 6 Baby washcloths 6 Pairs of socks (3 for 3 months, 3 for 6 months) 1 Pacifier 1 Baby bottle 1 Baby powder 1 Teether 1 Rubber ducky (that has a colour-change disc if the water is too hot) 2 Finger puppets that make sounds 1 Pram toy 1 Baby brush and comb set 1 Soft-touch spoon 1 Baby on Board sign for the car 1 Large wooden spoon (for a stirring stick) 12 Nappy pins
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A well-arranged baby gift basket that contains essential items is a valuable gift you can give to a baby. Read on why baby gift baskets has always been preferred by many as on option in giving their valuable gifts!
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