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Baby Shower Cakes

The Joyous Events Of A Baby Shower

It feels good to be a mother and best when a woman is expecting a baby in the coming few days or a few months. Those nine months are the best nine months in a couple’s life as they wait for a new member to enter into their lives forever.  So to mark the celebration of the arrival of the new guest close friends or colleagues of any of the parent throw a party in which the expected mother is showered with so many gifts that she will use for her baby when it is born. This is why it is known as baby shower.

Earlier only women used to attend the baby shower party but now it is very common for men also to attend it. The party is always full of various performances by friends and relatives that are based on the baby theme and express the joy of the pending new life. There is happiness all around. People bless the expected mother and play games in which they try to guess the baby’s birth date, sex, etc.  Sometimes you will also see diaper cakes setup as the centrepiece of the baby shower event.

The new to be mom opens the gifts and there is a lot of happiness all around. People give the new mother various gifts like sanitary diapers, clothes for the baby, pretty coloured milk bottles, various toys, etc. These gifts are a sign of every one’s blessings associated with the birth of the new member.

There is plenty of delicious food including baby shower cakes that add life to the party. All over the world it is seen that people love eating baby shower cakes and chocolates and this is why this special occasion also demands the cake to be cut by both the parents and pray for the healthy birth of their child. This is a great time when both the parents get the time to share all their feelings about their little child with all their friends and celebrate it to the fullest.

Originally posted 2011-02-20 11:42:36.

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