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Diaper Cakes

The Making Of Diaper Cakes

Have you ever tried making a Diaper Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables? It’s very interesting and you will love to make it. Do you want to make Diaper Cakes for your baby or you want to gift it. No worry. Here is a very easy method for you which will help you make Diaper Baby Shower Cakes without any problem.
All you need to do is
• First of all take 1 diaper, roll it from one side such that it doesn’t unfold and tie it to the rubber band
• Similarly you can take another 6 Diapers and do the same and tie one big rubber band on all
• Now since it has become easy for you why don’t you try wrapping 15 Diapers and tie to a thick rubber band. Are you wondering why 15? You should. The 15 Diaper set will form the base and the 7 out there will form the middle part and similarly you need to take 4 more to form the top layer. Isn’t it fun? It will become like a Cake.
• Since you have placed the maximum diaper set in the bottom, the other set (in which you have 7diapers) in the middle and the last in the top most. Now all you need to do is to show your creativity. Amazing isn’t it.
• In between the Diapers if you find that there is a whole then you can place a bottle or some gift item or cloth. Once you have placed the gifts on all tiers now it looks great
• Wrap the outer side of all layers with some decorative item or some showpieces. You can even keep the soft toys. It really gives an excellent view.
I will really love if someone gifts me a Diaper Cake especially if it looks like baby shower cakes that are editable. Just try out today and you will love it.

Originally posted 2011-03-17 06:37:13.

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