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Baby Shower Cakes

Theme – Filled Baby Shower Cakes

Holding a baby shower event may be filled with more fun. The feeling of excitement starts with choosing perfect baby shower cakes, since a baby is always special not just for expecting parents, but to everyone as well. Baby shower cakes come in a wide range of designs and decorations, depending on the theme of your choice. In addition, it also comes in a variety of flavors to choose from.

Take for example, a cake that looks exactly like a pillow is a nice option. A pillow may symbolize one of baby’s necessities in sleeping. To make it look more pleasing to the eyes, a layered pillow cake may be one of the best ideas. The top portion of every layer may be the best place for putting designs just like the beads in a real pillow.

A castle cake is also another option for baby shower cakes. A castle is a place where the princes and princesses live, and every baby must be treated as a prince or princess. This cake is also ideal for birthday parties, and the cake is composed mainly of circles and triangles as the main shapes and to add more design, it may be surrounded with flowers. There goes the perfect castle cake for the most special person.

Another design for diaper cakes would be those that look like presents. This is one of the simplest yet most attractive and colorful cakes. It is composed mainly of a bigger pentagon shape, and a smaller one as its top layer. In every face of the pentagon, one can make various designs with varying colors, so it looks like a gift wrapper in every birthday present. This is considered one of the most unique baby shower cakes, because every baby is always a special present from God.

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