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Baby Shower Cakes

Themes for Baby Shower Cakes

Most events in recent times now indulge in themes for parties. The idea of creating a party theme not only offers organization and intactness but also delivers a unique party atmosphere. In most occasions themes are being implemented based on the desired preference of the host or based on the nature of the event. Celebrations such as baby showers are not exempted to this trend.

Usually, baby showers are celebrated as an occasion for an incoming baby or a new born child. In previous times, themes do not receive the high inclination it obtains recently. Themes now gain an infamous stand for it creates a vibrant and distinctive atmosphere in parties. Baby showers are also engaging to this trend and its theme is often reflected in the baby shower cakes.

Baby shower cakes are regarded as a main attraction for the event and it can take a variety of shapes and forms. Traditionally, themes for baby shower cakes are frequently based on the gender of the baby. The gender of the baby would then determine the structure of the theme. Gifts are also sometimes based on the gender orientation of the baby. Typically, male baby themes often feature color themes with colors blue, violet or green dominating it. Sometimes, baby animals, teddy bears, blue booties, cars, airplanes, male cartoon characters are also showcased. Therefore, these themes would then be revealed in the baby shower cakes. These items can also be added as decorations to the cake and may be edible or inedible.

On the other hand, babies of the female orientation often have the shades of pink, yellow, peach, and red among others. Other themes also include princesses, ballerinas, fairies, pink booties, flowers, ribbons, female cartoon characters, pink pacifiers and many more. Themes such as these belong to the traditional types.

Themes for baby shower cakes are not limited to the conventional kind. A lot of themes can now be used and are fashioned to fit both genders. Examples include, moon stars, quilt cakes, bottle cakes, diaper cakes, baby blocks, animal cakes, stroller cakes and many more. These can be purchased in numerous bakery stores.

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