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Diaper Cakes

Using Diaper Cakes as Baby Shower Gifts

When searching for a gift to bring to a baby shower once should always remember that it should not be something boring.  If you should be something so memorable that the new parents will never forget.  Also, an important factor to remember is that it should be practical too.

New parents need useful items for the new baby items such as baby q-tips, baby washcloths, baby brush and comb sets, baby booties, baby clothes and the list can go on and on.  So, when thinking about a perfect gift a baby shower diaper cakes should definitely come to mind.

A diaper cakes kills two birds with one shot by being a beautiful and attractive gift to give the new parents and then its practical too because who doesn’t need a ton of diapers when they first start out.

You can be creative by not just having a plain old vanilla diaper cake with barely anything on it but it can be customized to the theme of the shower, or to the mom-to-be favorite color. Many companies of these baby shower gifts design these diaper cakes in several different styles and themes.  You  can find these beautiful diaper cakes in the traditional pretty pink and adorable blue but they can be costumed design for a theme like Safari Chic Baby Shower. 

Diaper cakes are more than just the diapers usually a designer will add all kinds of practical gifts like baby bottles, baby clothes, brush and comb sets, baby washcloths, diaper pins and more inside the cake for the new mom to use on the new arrival coming into the world.

The perfect baby shower gift is most definitely a diaper cake.  You are guaranteed to be the life of the party if you show up with a diaper cake in your hand for your upcoming baby shower.

Originally posted 2011-02-22 13:16:52.

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