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Diaper Cakes

What Are Diaper Cakes?

Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables are often seen at baby showers but rarely on any other occasion. It can be proved as most beautiful gift for expecting mom at her baby shower. Cakes are something that we enjoy eating but as its name says, diaper cake is made of disposable baby diapers. Cloth diaper can also be used for making it.

Diaper Cakes are multiple layered cakes which can be comparable to wedding cakes but from at least distance. Basically, Baby Shower Cakes are nothing but the collection of multiple diapers tied together. Dozens of diapers are used to give full effect. Diapers are wrapped and rolled around in circular pattern and build on multi-tiers. Usually diapers are in white color but a person may also bought colored diapers to make really special diaper cake.

The giver has a lot of options which is an attraction at baby shower for diaper cake. It can be simple or elaborated. Making of diaper cake can consume multiple days like a project or even an hour is enough to make. It depends upon the giver how special he or she wants it to be. Diaper cake really looks very impressive where time spent on it is regardless.

Basically, diaper cakes are an impressive way of wrapping gift or collection of gifts. Gifts are placed in the center of the cakes and expected mother unwrap the cake to find hidden gifts. Diaper cake can be as large as required to conceal large gifts. 50 small diapers may be required to make 3-tired cake. Once the base of diapers is ready then it can be decorated by small gifts, colorful ribbons and other accessories. If you already know the gender of baby then the cake can be designed accordingly. Actually, it is not only a gift, it is a true gift as new parents require diapers and it gives dozens of diapers.

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