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Diaper Cakes

What Composes Your Diaper Cakes?

Baby shower is a very special occasion for expecting parents to be. It celebrates the coming of a new member of the family for new wedded couples. It is also the most exciting even in their lives.

Most often baby showers are being planned before the said date of delivery of the baby and the event happens also before the expected date of confinement. It is also the time that friends and family would present gifts which the couples would need in taking care of a new baby. Mostly given gifts are feeding bottles, mittens, shirts, blankets, bonnet, and other baby’s needs. To make it more exciting and unique from each others gift is making your own Baby Shower Centerpieces For Tables.

Diaper cakes are designed like that of a Diaper Cake made of baby diapers. Of course, it is made up of diapers meaning it may be a cake but it is not edible. It is a fun way to present your gifts to the expecting couples. Aside from giving the best presentation it is also useful for the couples. It is also a best center piece during the baby shower of your friend, neighbors, and even your loved ones.

Your Baby Shower Cakes if you will just make it on your own would need to purchase at least 80 to 150 diapers. These diapers are used by attaching each other to be able to form a layer of about two or four layers to make the diapers look like that of a cake with layers on it. This however does not mean you cannot decorate it after building up with your desired number of layers. You might give it some little touch of ribbons or even flowers just to make it more pleasing and presentable to the eyes of people invited during baby shower.

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