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Diaper Cakes

What Does Rings Of Diaper Cakes Mean?

Diaper Cakes are a special form of cake that one cannot eat but it looks awesome and heart touching. It is so called because it is full of nothing else but diapers as suggested by the name diaper cake. There are diapers and only diapers in this cake with other beautiful contents in it.

Since this cake involves usage of diapers in it so it is very clear from it that the subject of this talk is  newly born babies or the babies who are about to come out of their mother’s womb and would start living a new life. A diaper cake is basically a set of diaper rings that are formed one surrounding the other forming a sort of stuffed cake with a little space at the centre. The centre space is filled with baby care products that come in special bottles or containers so that they can easily stand erect. Thus in this way a multi ringed layer of a diaper cake is formed. The diaper cake can now be made multi-layered or multi-tiered usually ranging from two to three tiers.

The diaper cake is a useful gift for the baby as it includes various useful items of daily use for a baby and they have in them the product that is of maximum use after birth for around a year or so. Rings in a diaper cake usually mean folded diaper cakes arranged in the form of rings which are tied by the help of a ribbon which gives it a beautiful look. When all the tiers of a diaper cake are prepared and are made to set on top of each other, then it’s time to decorate the cake with ribbons and glitters and small multi coloured streamers. A diaper cake is the best gift for a baby to go along with the baby shower cakes at the event. Go and make it yourself. It gives immense pleasure and joy.

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