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Diaper Cakes

What Is A Diaper Cake?

The time when a little baby is born is meant only for celebrations and prayers. A baby is showered with so many gifts on its birth and these gifts generally include in them the baby products like baby soaps, baby powder, olive oil, diapers, walkers, bath tubs, toys, clothes, bed sheets, blankets, etc. And the baby is made to feel like a prince or a princess depending upon its sex.

These gifts are generally presented to the baby at baby shower parties and it feels so rude if the gifts are given loosely. The best way to present the gift is through diaper Baby Shower Centerpieces.

Diaper cakes are not the baby shower cakes that we can eat but they are the ones that are made in the form of a cake and look much alike a basket of colorful products.

The diaper cake actually consists of diapers that are folded together and made to settle on a base one on top of the other, thus forming a sort of heap. Each heap is cantered with baby care products like baby shampoos, baby oils, baby socks, baby toys, baby lotions, etc. and the diapers surround them forming a sort of diaper cake.

Thus in this way we see that a diaper cake is the best gift to present to an expectant mother. It is a wonderful gift and associates with it so many emotions of motherhood. A mother likes it and this is a perfect way to bless a baby by gifting him the very first things that will be used for him and on him in his coming new life.

A diaper cake can be formed in two, three to more tiers and the diapers could be tied with beautiful ribbons around them thus giving the diaper cake an elegant look. The designing of a baby diaper cake is easy and is like a game and gives immense pleasure while making it. Everyone who does it, really enjoys it.

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