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Diaper Cakes

What Number Of Diapers A Diaper Cake Should Have?

It is advised to use diapers of good quality for little babies rather than using cloth nappies. It is because the diaper companies produce good quality diapers these days and they are skin friendly. The little babies don’t get any rashes on their skin and the diapers can work for long without showing any signs of getting destroyed. A diaper can normally last for about two to three hours which is a good time limit that is not applicable for cloth napkins.

On a baby shower if you decide to gift someone diaper cakes then use sufficiently large numbers of diapers in the diaper cake so that the mother does not fall short of it while using it for her baby. And she should not get the urgency of moving to the market to buy it for her baby. A diaper cake should be such that not only touches the mother’s heart but also proves of great use to the new mother.

While designing of diaper cake take around hundred to two hundred diapers and fold them and arrange them in the form of a cake and tie them with the help of ribbons. Add tiers to the cake so that all the diapers are completely used in making it and resemble regular baby shower cakes. Add beauty to it by using various decorative items on it like artificial flowers, little candles, small soft toys, baby products like baby oil, baby soaps, baby powder, etc thereby making a diaper cake look very beautiful.

The diaper cakes create a great loving impact on the mother’s mind and is among the prettiest gift of the world. It should meet all the needs of the baby’s diapers so that the parents need not work on their child’s diapers needs but can look after various other requirements.

Originally posted 2011-02-27 19:05:50.

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