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Why Should You Invest in a Double Buggy?

Have you ever thought about Double Buggies as a Baby Shower Gift?  Although double buggies are sometimes a necessity, for parents that already have two single buggies, they can be viewed as a luxury – sometimes parents just can’t see the advantages of the extra expense. However if you are a person purchasing this a gift to a mom that is having their second child, this would be the perfect gift.  There really are a range of benefits in buying a double buggy – firstly, the most obvious one is convenience. Only having one buggy to fold up; only having one buggy to clean, and the ability for one person to push two children at once. Think of all of the convenience the parents will have with that gift. But what if you know of someone already getting the mother that gift?  Well, you could think of getting two thing for the soon-to-be mother.

1) Every Baby Shower has baby shower cakes as there centerpiece.  You can decide to purchase that instead of the Double Buggy.  Just make sure you know what the favorite type of cake the mother likes.  Also, be creative when designing the baby shower cake.  It doesn’t have to be plain looking.  Most cake designers can be very creative if they have a little imagination.

2) Have you ever heard of using diaper cakes as the centerpiece of a baby shower? If so, you know that this too can be a great gift to give an expecting mother.

So in recap, no matter what gifts you give, whether it will be double buggies or diaper cakes, I’m sure the expecting mother will be happy with whatever she receives.

Originally posted 2011-02-17 09:17:00.

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