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Baby Shower

Zumba Fitness – Roxy’s Baby Shower

thanks so much to Amanda, Eve, Jannelle, Jennifer, and Richard (amazing instructors in NYC/NJ) for jamming & making this Zumba baby shower party extra special!!!
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How To Make Baby Bootie Cups

Party Favors that resemble baby booties for your baby shower are made out of dixie or styrofoam cups. These can hold candies, nuts or mints. This is a great how to video thats easy to follow and will help you construct amazing little treat cups for your baby shower!

nueva pelicula de pablo illanes baby shower

Baby Shower
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my 35th week pregnant and all the awesome stuff that I got for the baby shower !
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This is a baby shower slideshow captured and produced by M.tawakal with his own talent that came out of his mind without any help so please enjoy and fun and for more information please contact

Question by Baby V: How exactly does a baby shower work?
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how a baby shower works. I’m currently 6 months pregnant so am I supposed to throw my own baby shower? Generally when does one have a baby shower? My mom said she wanted to throw a baby shower for me and if she does am I supposed to help pay for it? I’d just like to know everything about bs’s. I’m asking in the newborns section because i’m guessing that since you’ve already had your babies then you’ve also already had your baby shower. I’m having a boy if it matters. Please and thank you :)

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Answer by PK211
You most certainly do NOT throw your own baby shower! Your mom or a good friend normally throws it and arranges/pays for everything. You can have a giant baby shower at a restaurant or a nice home baby shower (I prefer the ones at home – not as expensive and more intimate which this should be). Usually it’s held when you are about 8 months pregnant – gives you time to buy whatever you need that you don’t get at the shower. Babies R Us and Target/Wal-Mart are good places to register and when the planner sends out the invites she can include where you are registered. By the way, I love when people register someplace…that way I know what you want/need!!! Makes my life easier. Make sure to registration has a nice variety of price ranges going from a crib to a pack of diapers.

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Question by marisa: Baby shower cake and food ideas?
I need to a recipe and decorating ideas for my baby shower cake, there is no theme to the shower but im having a girl.
Any food ideas are also great. Any ideas help thanks!

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Answer by Laura
Pink frosted cupcakes, rattle shaped sugar cookies with pink sprinkles, pasta salad, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip, a bowl of pink and white m&m’s or kisses.

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